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Abbeydale Brewery | Indulgence

by Abbeydale Brewery


Country: UK | Style: Stout | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 4.6

Treat yourself to a moment of true luxury with Indulgence - a series of sumptuous beers celebrating all manner of tasty delicacies including cakes, fruits and desserts. This version is inspired by the humble coconut macaroon, with oodles of raspberries for a blast of tart and fruity freshness, plus oats, vanilla and cacao nibs to ramp up the body and provide a real 'treat-in-a-glass' experience.

A family run business established in 1996. Blending heritage and tradition with creativity and innovation. Establishing their flagship beer Moonshine accounting for over 50% of their output, they are now key players in the wider beer market through the launch their Brewers Emporium range, Funk Dungeon barrel ageing and souring programme, and a move into canning.