Andechser Weissbier Hell

by Andechser


Country: DE | Style: Wheat Beer | Size: 500ml | %ABV: 5.5 

From Andechs:

When summer arrives and the days invite you to swim, hike, scramble or simply to linger outdoors, thirst with an Andechser Weißbier Hell becomes a real pleasure.

Since the Josephitag 1993 (March 19th) the Andechser Weißbier Hell has found many friends. Untreated and, of course, bottled with a cloudy yeast, it is a top-fermented beer for the connoisseur.

First, it catches the eye with its light honey color. The yeast cloudiness is opal and finely structured. In addition, a very creamy and fine-pored head invites you to get a little closer to the light wheat beer from the Holy Mountain. The nose needs two attempts to experience the smell.

If striking fruit aromas such as banana and honeydew melon emerge first, then fine cloves follow. Andechser Weißbier Hell is very tangy and refreshing and convinces with a full and soft body. The finish shows a balanced interplay of a light honey sweetness and an elegant acidity with a subtle hop bitterness that quickly goes away in a harmonious aftertaste.

A wheat beer with which you can taste a piece of the unmistakable Andechser way of life: Fine yeast, tangy and sparkling, it refreshes and at the same time makes you thirsty for more. 

The Andechs monastery brewery is the exclusive property of the Benedictine monks of St Boniface in Munich and Andechs. The monastery beers brewed in Andechs are the culmination of centuries old Benedictine brewing tradition and ultra modern brewing technology. Over 100,000 hectolitres of beer are brewed each year at the foot of the Holy Mountain.