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Beer Night - St. Albans - Styles - 17/01/19 - 19:30 to 22:30

by Beer Shop


For 1 person


Beer novice up to beer geek.


We'll choose a selection of beers that best represent various styles of beer and guide you through them so you can appreciate each for its own merit. This evening may give you the opportunity to try a style you haven't had before, or just allow you to enjoy the spectrum of beer styles you love all in one night. Evenings are hosted by our resident certified beer sommelier.

Each evening will include food carefully chosen to compliment the beer. We serve more than just a taster of each beer, but not too much so everyone's too pickled to enjoy the evening. Sizes will vary depending on the strength of the beer.


Each booking includes around 8 different beers (measures will vary according to style and strength) and food sourced by one of our local partners. The first beer on our menu is served from 7:30pm, then beers are served at equal intervals throughout the evening until 10:30pm. Food is served midway and water and crackers are provided throughout. Tasting notes are given out for all beers on the menu and our host will introduce the beer styles, breweries and provide some background whilst we serve them. Our host will then guide people through the tasting process and what to expect to find in each beer.


We provide food for each evening along the lines of a hearty ploughman's. If you have any DIETARY REQUIREMENTS please enter them in the 'Special instructions for seller' box on the next page, or contact us.


Each Beer Night purchase entitles entry on the selected date only. When purchasing for more than one person, please enter the quantity on the Shopping Cart page. Doors open for Beer Nights at 7:30pm and the first drink will be served promptly after. Drinks are then served at timed intervals throughout the evening, so please ensure you arrive on time to avoid missing out. Beer Nights finish at 10:30pm. Beer will be available for purchase to take home after the night. Tickets are non-refundable less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the purchased Beer Night. Alcohol will be consumed, do not drive after these evenings.