Beer Shop Hoppy Box

by Beer Shop HQ


Mixed selection of 4 crushable session pales in 12x330ml or 24x330ml size boxes.

12 x 330ml box:
3 x White Hag Little Fawn / 3 x Lervig House Party / 3 x Siren Sound Wave / 3 x Tiny Rebel Dutty

24 x 330ml box:
6 x White Hag Little Fawn / 6 x Lervig House Party / 6 x Siren Sound Wave / 6 x Tiny Rebel Dutty

The White Hag on Little Fawn:

4.2% ABV. An easy-to-drink American-style session IPA. Brewed with 100% Irish malt for a pale, very clean base; layered with Mosaic hops, famous for their ever-changing aroma. The flavour is fruity hops with aromas of blueberry, passionfruit, and grapefruit. Well balanced, with a mild lingering bitter finish.

Lervig on House Party:

4% ABV. We have long winters and short summers in Norway where we often daydream of being in an island paradise. But usually we just end up at a friend’s house party all night long… And what we drink is House Party – the super-clean malt allows the hops to give their juicy/tropical fruit flavours an unobstructed pathway to your palate. It comes in a can, and it’s completely crushable.

Siren on Sound Wave:

5.6% ABV. Welcome to tropical hop heaven. Sound Wave is eminently drinkable, full of flavour and subtle with bitterness. Our most famous beer pours with an inviting haze, while big-hitting American hops deliver fruit notes in abundance and a trademark resinous finish.

Tiny Rebel on Dutty:

4.2% ABV. A Session Vermont that defies the rules that high ABVs are needed for juice levels and mouth feel. We did this by slamin' as many hops as we could into this Vermont IPA. Dutty - Juicy & Hazy, Juicy & Hazy, Juicy & Hazy...