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Oliver's Cider and Perry/ Angry Orchard | Gold Rush #5

by Oliver's Cider and Perry


Country: UK | Style: Cider | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 6.5

Gold Rush #5 is the 5th transatlantic cider making collaboration, this time between Tom Oliver (of Oliver’s Cider and Perry) and Ryan Burk of Angry Orchard, New York, USA. A full tasting, sparkling 6.5% cider with some residual sweetness, balancing acidity and full-bodied tannins. Carefully selected vintage bittersweet and sharp cider apples from traditional Herefordshire orchards were slow fermented by wild yeasts in old oak barrels and tanks then, after a malolactic fermentation in the spring Tom and Ryan came together on 3 separate occasions in Herefordshire to blend this bright, rich cider with an ‘apple skins’ nose that gives way to a robust taste with a very satisfying finish. Chill and savour this unique cider with family and friends and celebrate the “family of cidermakers” on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

Cider and perry for everyday enjoyment and special occasions. Fermented by wild yeasts in small batches, using fresh pressed fruit with minimal intervention. Respecting the great heritage and traditions of the past but with an eye to innovating for the future. Oliver's produce some of the finest cider and perry found in the UK.