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Pressure Drop Brewing | Orla

by Pressure Drop Brewing


Country: UK | Style: Sour | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 3.8

Orla is the Autumn edition of our seasonal series of fruited Berliner Weisse beers. At the start of the season all the little hedgerow fruits, ripened by the sun, are bursting with flavour. We wanted to give expression to this essence of Autumn in a low ABV lightly soured Berliner Weisse with damson, blackberry and bay. The resulting beer has a delicate minerality and a dry tartness from the damson. The juiceiness of the blackberries is lifted from the glass by the aromatic bay. We think it captures some of that feeling of basking in the last warming rays of the sun.

Born out of a garden shed, Pressure Drop was started between three friends. We started buying from them whilst they were brewing out of their arch in Hackney Central, but they've since expanded into a bigger brewery located on the Lockwood Industrial Park alongside Beavertown Brewery. We love the creative nuance of flavours across their range, which are carefully considered and pair very well with food. They strive to maintain a solid reputation for quality and innovation and produce an inclusive range of modern beers.