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Rothaus | Hefeweizen Low-Alcohol

by Rothaus


Country: DE | Style: Wheat Beer | Size: 500ml | %ABV: 0.4

Aside from the light bitter hop flavours of 14 IBU’s, it also has an original gravity of 14.5. Just like its alcoholic counterpart, a hand-selected top-fermented yeast is used as opposed to one that’s bottom-fermented and is unfiltered going into bottles. Refreshing and fruity flavours are retained through the gentle dealcoholisation process.

A brewing tradition right in the heart of the Black Forest. Over the course of the 200 years since being founded, Rothaus Brewery has evolved from a small monastery brewery to the Rothaus Baden State Brewery AG. One of Germany's most successful breweries, producing clean and accessible largers and wheat beers, including an alcohol free range.