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Siren Craft Brew | Breakfast Shake

by Siren Craft Brew


Country: UK | Style: Imperial Stout | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 9.5

The inspiration for Breakfast Shake came from brewer Sam’s favourite morning smoothie - blending coffee, honey, cocoa powder, almonds and banana. Breakfast Shake takes some of those flavours, re-worked from the ground up, to develop a showcase coffee beer. Rather than adding banana, they chose to use a classic German wheat beer yeast - Weihenstephaner - to offer those notes. This technically makes it a Dark Wheat beer or Dunkel Weiss. There are 13 different speciality malts in the grist, with added cacao husks for deep, ultra-dark chocolate flavours along with cacao nibs for creamy milk-chocolate. Climpson & Son’s Brasil Espresso is a beautifully rounded roast and adds a real nuttiness to proceedings.

Siren deliver some of the most interesting and well curated range of beers around. Always surprising and intriguing, yet their beers also fit the need for that drinkable thirst quencher. They have an extensive barrel ageing program, solid core range and an enormous list of one-offs, collaborations and seasonal brews.