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Van Honsebrouck | Kasteel Donker

by Van Honsebrouck


Country: BE | Style: Belgian Quad | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 11

A creamy, dark Belgian brown ale. The quality of the past is still unmatched and the beloved taste is very much of the present. Kasteelbier is a dark, artisanal beer, soft and mild, full and creamy. It can be aged for many years, as indicated on the bottle.

Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck started life as a local brewery that was known for its regional beers. Kasteel, introduced in the 1980s, was the brewery’s answer to the success of the abbey beers at the time. Throughout the years the range was substantially widened with the Kasteel Blond, Bruin and Tripel as well as the more strongly hopped Kasteel Hoppy and the Kasteel Rouge, a blend of Kasteel Donker and cherry liqueur.