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Weird Beard Brew Co. | Born On Fire

by Weird Beard Brew Co.


Country: UK | Style: Smoked Beer | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 6.5

We took our classic Rauchbier ‘Smoke’ & added Chipotle chillies to create a fiery smoked beer, that let’s face it, wasn’t to everybody’s taste, but far too mad to confine. We let fermentation run a little wild, giving this beer a more Flanders-like taste. Sweetish balsamic sour notes kindle the spiciness of the chillies whilst the Beech wood smoked malts add to the complexity of this beer with more smokier, meatier and charred flavours.

Born kicking, screaming and moshing into the London beer scene in early 2013, Weird Beard Brew Co don't believe in being stereotyped. We love upfront, in-your-face, hop-focused beers, along with classic styles. We want our beer to satisfy, enthuse and be enjoyed by whoever the drinker, especially ourselves. Proudly experimental and happily non-conformist, our varied full flavoured range of core and occasional beer is supplemented with a large number of specials and one-offs that allow us to push our creative boundaries.