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Weird Beard Brew Co. Follow The Worms Tequila BA

by Weird Beard Brew Co.


Country: UK | Style: Imperial Stout | Size: 660ml | %ABV: 8.5

Ooopf you get that agave sweet hit right on the first whiff. Black Treacle creeps out the dark malts to contribute to the aroma. This beer drinks silky smooth and syrupy but its not to be mistaken for a soft or sickly stout! Although agave sweetness carries through in each sip, the grain-bill keeps the balance with a dry and roasty undertone. Somewhere there is a little kick of licorice. As you drink on, the touch of chilli and light heat is kindled and completes the Mexicana essence to this complex and beautiful beer.

Born kicking, screaming and moshing into the London beer scene in early 2013, Weird Beard Brew Co don't believe in being stereotyped. We love upfront, in-your-face, hop-focused beers, along with classic styles. We want our beer to satisfy, enthuse and be enjoyed by whoever the drinker, especially ourselves. Proudly experimental and happily non-conformist, our varied full flavoured range of core and occasional beer is supplemented with a large number of specials and one-offs that allow us to push our creative boundaries.