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Weird Beard Brew Co./Frontaal | Full Frontaal

by Weird Beard Brew Co.


Country: UK | Style: Barley Wine | Size: 330ml | %ABV: 9.6

Coffee, walnut, and toffee bomb. A collaborative baked good of a beer! 

Born kicking, screaming and moshing into the London beer scene in early 2013, Weird Beard Brew Co don't believe in being stereotyped. We love upfront, in-your-face, hop-focused beers, along with classic styles. We want our beer to satisfy, enthuse and be enjoyed by whoever the drinker, especially ourselves. Proudly experimental and happily non-conformist, our varied full flavoured range of core and occasional beer is supplemented with a large number of specials and one-offs that allow us to push our creative boundaries.